Subject: Re: 1.6.1 lack of stability on cats
To: Chris Gilbert <>
From: Ben Harris <>
List: port-arm
Date: 02/03/2003 11:35:32
On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Chris Gilbert wrote:

> I've just been running 1.6.1 RC1 on my cats box and am concerned about
> the stability, I've had a coupld of core dumps, and even had it
> disconnect me part way through an xsrc build.  This didn't happen with
> 1.6, I'm wondering what major changes have occured on the arm port to
> cause this.  Anyone any thoughts on this?

My immediate thought (and something that's been sitting at the back of my
mind and completely failing to get any useful attention for months) is
that we might have some but not all of the copyin/out updates in the 1.6
branch, and might hence have a copyin/out that handles misaligned buffers

Unfortunately, I haven't unpacked any of my NetBSD/arm boxes since I moved
house in November (well, apart from the NC, but it's not really a
development box), and I've been busy making PuTTY go on Mac OS, so I've
been kind of neglecting NetBSD.

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