Subject: FS: Available ChalTech CATS 233MHz StrongARM motherboard or
To: None <,>
From: Ben Myers <>
List: port-arm
Date: 10/10/2002 18:19:38
I still have one system with ChalTech CATS 233MHz StrongARM motherboards, 
64MB memory, PCI network card, S3 PCI graphics card, 6 GB IDE disk drive, 
IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM drive.  The CATS board is a standard full-size ATX form 
factor motherboard. It can serve either as a useful desktop computer, or as 
a prototyping system for embedded systems 
requirements.  See for more information.

The system boots NetBSD in some configuration.  If you are interested in 
one or more of :

1. motherboard with memory,
2. motherboard with memory & hard disk,
3. motherboard with memory, hard disk, video, & 10BaseT network card
4. complete system.

The video and network cards are unexciting and low-end, but known to work 
with the StrongARM version of BSD.

RSVP with a fair offer.  I realize that shipping an entire system chassis 
outside the US may be prohibitively expensive.  It may be much less 
expensive for you to buy the components, and install in a chassis you 
acquire there along with the other bits needed to make a complete 
system.  If you buy just the motherboard, yes, the memory is included.  I 
am open to any creative suggestion that fits your needs and makes me a few 

I've sold two systems already for $250 each, price including shipping to 
the northeast US.  I'll sell this system for less, but not horrendously 
less.  Thanks much... Ben

Ben Myers
Spirit of Performance, Inc.
73 Westcott Road
Harvard, MA 01451
tel: 978-456-3889
eFax: 810-963-0412