Subject: shared X binaries etc
To: None <>
From: Chris Gilbert <>
List: port-arm
Date: 09/20/2002 00:47:37

I was wondering about the possibility of switching the shared X binaries
(the libs and client stuff) over to being XF 4 based.

cats has moved over to XF4, I'm hoping that shark will be following suit
soon, either cos I'll add something to fetch from the kernel and cats and
shark can then share binaries, or someone will just do a hacky cludge and
change some values for the shark ;)

I expect netwinder will be better supported by XF4 long term, but might need
some work.

Actually I'm hoping that if I make the changes generic enough that all the
pci based arm boards can use the same X server.

Anyway, are there major reasons not to?  I know that build time for X is
about 8 hours, so it's fairly lengthy for a clean build (or it's about 8
hours on my cats)

Things to do for XF4 (in rough order):
Get the XF4 loader to understand arm ELF and work with it, doesn't look to
be too much work as most of it's already there from arm linux, a few changes
to cache flushing instructions should be it.
Make shark work (fast hacky cludge, by #ifdef shark)
make cats and shark share the binaries (not so fast, probably needs a kernel
interface to get the base of pci io and size correct)
get netwinder to support it, needs someone with a netwinder.
acorn32 moves to it, no idea what that would entail though.
acorn26 running X (completely mad idea 8)