Subject: Re: Speed question
To: None <>
From: Chris Gilbert <>
List: port-arm
Date: 09/18/2002 15:46:57
Michael Grunditz said:
> Hi
> A silly question maybe, but NetBSD runs faster on a P133 pc,32M than on
> my Kinetic300 RPC with 110M ram. Is there a SA optimized kernel ?

Is that gut feel, or benchmarked?  I've noticed that responsiveness of
wscons is not that good currently, I suspect it's a lack of optimisation

I've got to find time to fix the kernel to make proper use of the kinetic.
 Currently the kernel loads into the old slow 16MHz ram, I've happily got
it loading into the SDRAM, however this causes issues, eg assumptions that
the vidc/iomd can see this memory.  Basically it made my system rather
unstable, so I reverted that.  However your programs should be using the

At some point I want to examine the interrupt handling on acorn32, see if
that's what's causing the sluggishness.

One thing to remember is that quite a bit of the IO has to go across the
16MHz bus.

> Is there any fast way to boot into netbsd from RO4.29(select) ?

If you look inside the !BTNetBSD you should find a fastboot file (or
something of that ilk)