Subject: Problem with cross-compilation
To: None <>
From: Andreas Schweigstill <>
List: port-arm
Date: 08/22/2002 17:07:57
Hi all!

I have just started with evaluation of NetBSD for ARM based
processors. I have downloaded a current kernel source tree
via CVS. When I try to configure a compile directory by
doing "config INTEGRATOR" or "config IQ80310" in the
directory "sys/arch/evbarm/conf"

I get the following error message:
config: cannot read ../../../../arch/evbarm/conf/Makefile.evbarm: No such
file or directory

In the conf directory there is only a file.
When I copy the file arch/arm/conf/Makefile.arm to
I can see that files for i386 architecture will be used. Compilation also
with an error message.

With best regards
Andreas Schweigstill

Dipl.-Phys. Andreas Schweigstill
CorTech A/S ZN Kiel, Sedanstrasse 14b, D-24116 Kiel, Germany
Phone: (+49) 431 1696-591, Fax: (+49) 431 1696-509