Subject: Re: Help: NetBSD on the Netwinder...
To: None <>
From: Valeriy E. Ushakov <>
List: port-arm
Date: 07/23/2002 16:02:57
On Tue, Jul 23, 2002 at 10:43:44 +0100, Chris Gilbert wrote:

> > Unfortunately I couldn't get it to boot from a local harddisc so
> > far. I only get a blank screen after booting the minikernel.
> You need to rig up a serial cable as I believe it only supports a
> serial console.  IE it still needs some work.

BTW, for IGA 1682 video in Krups I wrote "igsfb" driver
(sys/dev/ic/igsfb*, sys/dev/pci/igsfb_pci.c) that can do bare minimum
wscons.  It doesn't use acceleration yet, as I cannot find a way to
access accelerator registers in IGA in Krups. :(

CyberPro-2010 in netwinder is a successor of IGA 168x and if we ignore
advanced additional features like TV-capture, it's basily the same
card except that it can do memory-mapped i/o access and automagic
byte-swapping.  The driver already has some provisions for CyberPro
support, but I don't have any to test.

SY, Uwe
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