Subject: Re: ARM platforms
To: None <>
From: Jeff Graham <>
List: port-arm
Date: 07/12/2002 12:18:19
I'm not sure of the list etiquette, I'm responding to Andy Ball's message 
about wanting to build or obtain an ARM board. My company manufactures a 
StrongARM based board, to which I'm porting NetBSD (hence my presence on 
the list). This currently runs VxWorks and PersonalJava, so is programmable 
in Java. The port to NetBSD is in response to customer feedback, who would, 
in some cases, prefer not to use Java.

The board has some of the requirements of Andy, but not all, and may be of 
interest to others. The ports are RS232 (2) and Ethernet, it has flash 
storage and a flash filing system. We don't have expansion slots or PCMCIA, 
but we have proprietary expansion slots to add further hardware. For 
example, we are adding Bluetooth this summer, and are considering adding a 
USB port.

The full specification is on; the technical stuff is 
under\products\pupptech.html. Note we sell direct to 
museums for interactives but we do also sell the board for other companies 
who integrate it into their products.

I apologise if I've broken any etiquette rules and I hope I've made my 
commercial relationship to Ansae clear,

Jeff Graham
Ansae Ltd