Subject: Re: 1.6_BETA3 /cats crashing
To: Chris Gilbert <>
From: None <>
List: port-arm
Date: 07/03/2002 00:05:47
> Could you also try a kernel that doesn't have tlp but instead has de in
> it?

I was just composing a jubilant email about how with de it was now sustaining load levels > 7.  However, after a short time, it fell over again, same error.  That said, the machine is rarely at the sort of load level anyway, so I can't be sure that this is new to 1.6.  Let me run it for a while at a lower load and see what happens.

..okay, so it finished building pine whilst I was browsing the web, but when I started another pkg build, it fell over again at a much lower load average.  I've tried getting a trace, but its a long time since I last did this - I was expecting a list of fn calls, but I get a set of register dumps instead.  Have I forgotten to include a symbol table or something, or have things changed?



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