Subject: Re: netwinder continued - is this normal behaviour?
To: Chad Walters <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-arm
Date: 06/25/2002 11:48:16
At 11:41 AM 6/25/2002, Chad Walters wrote:
>Here's how I thought I would be able to setup NetBSD on my Netwinder.
>Do a diskless boot by booting the kernel from the network using tftp
>and use nfs to provide a root filesystem. Then use disklabel and
>fdisk to setup the hard drive and finally extract all the necessary
>binary sets.
>I used base.tgz , etc.tgz and kern-GENERIC.tgz which I acquired from:
>When I'm greeted by the firmware prompt I set the following variables:
>setenv netconfig_eth0 flash
>setenv eth0_ip
>setenv kernconfig tftp
>setenv kerntftpserver
>setenv kerntftpfile /netbsd
>setenv rootconfig nfs
>setenv rootpath
>That fetches the kernel from the network but as soon as it's done
>downloading and about to start booting, my monitor goes blank and the
>keyboard doesn't respond. Does this mean the kernel defaults to using
>the serial interface for I/O or something more serious?

The kernel only uses the serial interface at the present time.

>By the way, I upgraded the Netwinder firmware(2.3.3) by following the
>instructions from this document(not sure if that might have anything to
>do with this issue):

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