Subject: Shark with 128 MB
To: None <port-arm@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: port-arm
Date: 06/14/2002 00:33:05

I finally got there:

DNARD Rev. 5, 08:00:2b:81:62:5e , 96 MB memory

After reading the URL posted here some weeks ago for shark memory
configuration I tried to predict results and bought a few rams from ebay.
None worked. So I resorted to brute-force and bought *lots* of PC66 SDRAMs
from ebay. Within those pile of modules I gathered I found two (identical
ones) that are  recognized as 64MB by the shark.

I'll post a summary of which modules work/don't work soon.

Now the obvious experiment was to get 128 MB. This did not work. The memory
was probed as 128 MB, but then the firmware fails imediately and the system
won't boot.

I assume this is a bug in the firmware? Any workarounds? Anyone got his shark
to work with 128 MB?


P.S.: if not, any (local) shark owners want to buy a known working 64 MB