Subject: UK - Wakefield 2002, The Acorn RISC OS Show
To:, <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-arm
Date: 05/16/2002 17:37:04
	(Apologies to those not in the UK)

	Just to let people know (or in some cases remind), about the
	Acorn RISC OS show in Wakefield this weekend.

	There will be a NetBSD/arm stand on both saturday and sunday,
	and the people managing the stand are quite likely to be around on
	saturday night for food/drink.

	So... see you there!

	If you're lost (*) on saturday night feel free to call me
	on 0973 221970.

	(*) That is "lost around Wakefield". If you're lost in Inglewood
	    or similar _I_ really can't help you, and suggest you find
	    a fast exit, or religion, as preferred.