Subject: RE: Porting CerfCube to NetBSD?
To: 'Martin Husemann' <>
From: Barry Ferg <>
List: port-arm
Date: 02/27/2002 08:33:57
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> > I'm running Linux on CerfCube, which is based on StrongARM.
> > I hope it can run on NetBSD. Anyone working on it?
> Could you point those clueless like me to a URL for this machine? And
maybe post the linux > dmesg output?

Here you go...

We at Intrinsyc are looking into the port but for the time being
our development resources are committed to Linux.  There is an 
OpenBSD port already:

We would wholeheartedly support anyone who wanted to work on a port -
I believe there was some interest among our developers in trying it
out in their "free time".

If you need any more information about the cube, contact me.

Barry Ferg