Subject: ARM ELF TODO list
To: None <>
From: Ben Harris <>
List: port-arm
Date: 12/15/2001 17:38:38
Nothing much has happened recently, not least because Richard's been away.
Now he's apparently back, so...

Needed before the changeover:
* (gcc) Ensure 8-byte stack alignment on function entry [rearnsha]
* (gcc) packed enums (should be trivial to implement in the compiler, but
  I've heard rumours it might break openssh)
* (gcc) Don't use unaligned LDR.
* (asm sources) Ensure these preserve 8-byte stack alignment if not leaf
  functions [chris]

If "packed enums" means what GCC does with DEFAULT_SHORT_ENUMS defined,
I'm happy to go through the tree fixing things that don't like that.

Stopping GCC using unaligned loads should be a case of flipping a flag.

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