Subject: Re: ARM ELF TODO list
To: Chris Gilbert <>
From: Richard Earnshaw <>
List: port-arm
Date: 09/24/2001 10:52:40
> On Sunday 23 September 2001  1:26 pm, Ben Harris wrote:
> > On Sun, 23 Sep 2001, Chris Gilbert wrote:
> > > > Still to do:
> > > > * (gcc) Ensure 8-byte stack alignment on function entry
> > >
> > > I presume that we also need to ensure that asm code that calls c funcs
> > > does this as well, I'm just looking for something I can do to help get
> > > ARM ELF ready for prime time.
> >
> > Yes.  If you can find any assembly functions that do this, they should be
> > fixed.
> Lots of them throughout the place need to be checked.  I'm happy to do this, 
> yes I'm volunteering to check the .S files.  I'm not going to check toolchain 
> dirs as I believe they're more the realm of those fiddling with toolchain 
> stuff (and you need to have signed a gnu agreement etc etc)
> I'll start working through the list of obvious files to check (based on 
> grepping for C_LABEL)

A cool thing to do would be to put in some sort of diagnostic that we 
could enable once the toolchain is made to DTRT.  Some sort of test like

	tst	sp, #7
	ldrne	r0, Lstack_align_panic
	blne	C_LABEL(panic)

This could be put in at almost any place where we can assert that the 
stack must be aligned. (Which is only at function boundaries).