Subject: Re: Psion 7
To: Chuck McCrobie <>
From: John Fremlin <>
List: port-arm
Date: 09/04/2001 13:24:15
Chuck McCrobie <> writes:

> I've noticed that Psion is getting out of the handheld business.  I've
> also read that Psion was less than forthcoming with specs. on the Psion
> 7.

The linux-7110 people on SourceForge are the ones to ask. The Psion 5
MX port I am writing is currently in stagnation and will be until at
least the first of October when I start term


> How is X support for the Psion 5 series coming?

Hehe, I have not hit userland yet. IIRC the next thing to do is handle
interrupts properly