Subject: Re: Port-ARM
To: Matthew Trout <>
From: Richard Earnshaw <>
List: port-arm
Date: 07/12/2001 21:19:38
> Erm . . . I'm an Acorn-lover from way back,

Well, we won't hold it against you... ;-)

> and am still inordinately fond
> of RISC OS as a GUI (I still use Impression Style for DTP) and would like to
> help in the port. My only problem is where to start; I did a lot of BBC
> BASIC and ARM Assembler back on the Electron (just BASIC), A310 and A5000,
> but although my C knowledge isn't terrible, I don't usually build stuff from
> scratch, so I'm a little lost (Perl's my main UNIX language).
> I'm currently booting Win2000 / Mandrake / Slackware / BSD/OS at home; here
> I do all the systems work on our *NIX boxen which are running (variously)
> BSD/OS, Mandrake and FreeBSD. I'll be putting NetBSD and OpenBSD on once I
> have more hard drive space, along with Solaris (I like variety in my OSes).

So will you be using NetBSD on your PeeCee or on your RISC OS machine?

> Although I'm confident tweaking and recompiling things like qpopper when
> they don't work with the box I'm installing them on, I've never needed to
> code C from the ground up, so my ability with it isn't that major.
> My question is - where do I start learning to gain sufficient knowledge to
> help with the port, and in what areas will I be most useful?

Perhaps a good place to start would be the begining.  I'm not being 
facetious: it would really help if someone new to NetBSD on a RISC OS 
machine could work through the installation notes we have, install the 
system and *take notes* of where there were problems.  The problem 
experienced users have here is that they know (implicitly) what to do at 
each stage, so they never see the problems.