Subject: RE: Port-ARM
To: Port-ARM \(E-mail\) <>
From: Matthew Trout <>
List: port-arm
Date: 07/12/2001 11:05:57
Erm . . . I'm an Acorn-lover from way back, and am still inordinately fond
of RISC OS as a GUI (I still use Impression Style for DTP) and would like to
help in the port. My only problem is where to start; I did a lot of BBC
BASIC and ARM Assembler back on the Electron (just BASIC), A310 and A5000,
but although my C knowledge isn't terrible, I don't usually build stuff from
scratch, so I'm a little lost (Perl's my main UNIX language).

I'm currently booting Win2000 / Mandrake / Slackware / BSD/OS at home; here
I do all the systems work on our *NIX boxen which are running (variously)
BSD/OS, Mandrake and FreeBSD. I'll be putting NetBSD and OpenBSD on once I
have more hard drive space, along with Solaris (I like variety in my OSes).

I work mostly with Perl because I find it's the easiest language to use for
the stuff I do; mostly I maintain all our CGI stuff and all the server
automation scripting (setting up websites, mail and dial-up automatically
when a client is added to our main database - I've recompiled DBD::ODBC far
too many times for my own good).

Although I'm confident tweaking and recompiling things like qpopper when
they don't work with the box I'm installing them on, I've never needed to
code C from the ground up, so my ability with it isn't that major.

My question is - where do I start learning to gain sufficient knowledge to
help with the port, and in what areas will I be most useful?

- Matt
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