Subject: building libkvm
To: None <>
From: Chris Gilbert <>
List: port-arm
Date: 07/12/2001 09:48:46

I've been trying to get libkvm building on my cats box (with the newly layed 
out includes dir structure)  and have been having to do a few dubious things 
to get it to build.  The main one being some dummy include files that are 
just empty but stop the build complaining they don't exist.  I also had to 
make a machine/pch.h that points at arm32/pcb.h.  I also had to tweak the 
kvm_arm.c file to include the real versions of a few headers, not the dummys 
(eg it needs pmap.h param.h and vmparam.h)

Looking at libkvm I'm not sure that it can be shared across arm26 and arm32, 
it's very much tied into the kernel.

Anyone got any suggestions on how to tackle this one?  currently I'm trying 
to get a complete make build to work, I've fixed up libkvm to build, but it's 
got hardcoded includes to arm/arm32 and arm/cats.

Perhaps use some magic in the Makefile based on MACHINE_ARCH?  certainly I 
think we need to consider making an arm/arm32/vmparam.h with the common 
defines in it.

Note that I'll look into this further in a couple of weeks, but thought I'd 
ask for ideas now :)