Subject: Re: SA11x0 code copy
To: Robert Swindells <>
From: IWAMOTO Toshihiro <>
List: port-arm
Date: 07/11/2001 02:08:37
At Tue, 10 Jul 2001 16:57:23 +0900,
IWAMOTO Toshihiro wrote:
> At Tue, 10 Jul 2001 00:07:50 +0100 (BST),
> Robert Swindells wrote:
> > I have copied a snapshot of the hpcarm/sa11x0 directory to arm/sa11x0, and
> > added some conditional code to allow it to work without using the HPC
> > platid code.
> I don't like hpcarm ifdefs, but I think some of them are currently
> inevitable to work with platid codes.

Another way to deal with platid thing is to keep attach and match
functions out of sys/arch/arm.
Then we should be able to nuke most of hpcarm ifdefs.

I'd like to take this approach.

IWAMOTO Toshihiro