Subject: SA11x0 code copy
To: None <>
From: Robert Swindells <>
List: port-arm
Date: 07/10/2001 00:07:50
I have copied a snapshot of the hpcarm/sa11x0 directory to arm/sa11x0, and
added some conditional code to allow it to work without using the HPC
platid code.

I have not included the changes made to hpcarm/sa11x0 today, I'll add
them in the next few days.

The diff to files.hpcarm to use the files in arm/sa11x0 is below.

I have built an IPAQ kernel using the arm32 (a.out) tools as a partial
test, but it would be helpful if someone could try out a real build.

Robert Swindells

Index: files.hpcarm
RCS file: /cvsroot/syssrc/sys/arch/hpcarm/conf/files.hpcarm,v
retrieving revision 1.20
diff -u -r1.20 files.hpcarm
--- files.hpcarm	2001/06/23 09:20:06	1.20
+++ files.hpcarm	2001/07/09 12:06:18
@@ -14,8 +14,10 @@
 define todservice {}
+include "arch/arm/conf/files.sa11x0"
 # Memory disk driver
-file	dev/md_root.c				memory_disk_hooks
+file	dev/md_root.c		memory_disk_hooks
 major   {md = 18}
 # Standard keyboard driver
@@ -49,32 +51,6 @@
 # HPCARM specific files
 file	arch/hpcarm/hpcarm/hpc_machdep.c	hpcarm
-# SA11[01]0 integrated peripherals
-# parent to sacom, gpio, fb, saost,  XXX
-# also provides irq and timer services
-device saip { [addr=-1], [size=0], [membase=-1], [memsize=0], [intr=-1] }
-attach saip at mainbus
-file	arch/hpcarm/sa11x0/sa11x0.c		saip needs-flag
-file	arch/hpcarm/sa11x0/sa11x0_io.c		saip
-file	arch/hpcarm/sa11x0/sa11x0_io_asm.S	saip
-file	arch/hpcarm/sa11x0/sa11x0_irq.S		saip
-file	arch/hpcarm/sa11x0/sa11x0_irqhandler.c	saip
-# clock device
-device	saost
-attach	saost at saip
-file	arch/hpcarm/sa11x0/sa11x0_ost.c		saost needs-flag
-device	sacom: tty
-attach	sacom at saip
-file	arch/hpcarm/sa11x0/sa11x0_com.c		sacom needs-flag
-# SA11[01]0 companion chips
-device	sacc { [addr=-1], [size=0], [membase=-1], [memsize=0], [intr=-1] }
-attach	sacc at saip
-file	arch/hpcarm/sa11x0/sa1111.c		sacc
 # H/PC Platform common files.
@@ -88,7 +64,7 @@
 # LCD
 device	salcd: hpcfbif
 attach	salcd at saip
-file	arch/hpcarm/sa11x0/sa11x0_lcd.c		salcd
+file	arch/arm/sa11x0/sa11x0_lcd.c		salcd
 device	sed: hpcfbif
 attach	sed at saip
@@ -97,7 +73,6 @@
 # Workstation Console
-include "dev/wscons/files.wscons"
 device	j720ssp: wskbddev
 attach	j720ssp at saip
@@ -106,22 +81,6 @@
 file	dev/cninit.c
-# XXX this is a hack to use dev/pcmcia without fdc.c
-device	fdc
-include "dev/pcmcia/files.pcmcia"
-device	sacpcic: pcmciabus
-attach	sacpcic at sacc
-file	arch/hpcarm/sa11x0/sa11x1_pcic.c	sacpcic needs-flag
-device	sagpcic: pcmciabus
-attach	sagpcic at saip
-file	arch/hpcarm/sa11x0/sa11x0_pcic.c	sagpcic needs-flag
-file	arch/hpcarm/sa11x0/sa11xx_pcic.c	sacpcic | sagpcic
 # Include ISA stuff
 include "dev/isa/files.isa"
@@ -140,8 +99,3 @@
 # Include PCI stuff
 include "dev/pci/files.pci"
-# network devices MII bus
-include "dev/mii/files.mii"
-# Include USB stuff
-include "dev/usb/files.usb"