Subject: Re: CVS commit: syssrc
To: Chris Gilbert <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-arm
Date: 06/12/2001 22:24:52
At 12:52 AM 6/13/2001 +0100, Chris Gilbert wrote:
>On Tuesday 12 June 2001  6:10 pm, Matt Thomas wrote:
> > Module Name:  syssrc
> > Committed By: matt
> > Date:         Tue Jun 12 17:10:26 UTC 2001
> >
> > Modified Files:
> >       syssrc/sys/arch/arm/conf: files.footbridge
> >       syssrc/sys/arch/arm/footbridge: footbridge_pci.c
> >       syssrc/sys/arch/netwinder/conf: files.netwinder
> >
> > Log Message:
> > Move netwinder_machdep.c to files.netwinder.  Eliminate opt_netwinder.h and
> > use #ifdef netwinder insead.  XXX ebsa285_machdep.c should move to the cats
> > directory and files.cats
>I was debating this.  It's a matter of whether we want to treat EBSA285 as a
>seperate arch dir, or as part of cats.  cats is really an EBSA285 with a few
>extras.  IE the 2 are near identical.  Should I just make an EBSA285 kernel
>in the cats dir?

How hard is it to get a GENERIC kernel what will boot off either?  One thing
we are trying to do is to have a single GENERIC config that will work for all
supported under a given port.  There has to be a way to detect whether you
are being run on a CAT .vs. a EBSA285.
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