Subject: breaking builds
To: None <>
From: Chris Gilbert <>
List: port-arm
Date: 06/12/2001 00:59:21

My apologies to people, seems I managed to break the netwinder build and the 
cats build.  That's what I get for not clearing out my kernel build dirs, and 
doing things late at night (I say looking at the clock and going eeek)

Anyway I'm now currently working on fixing the cats build (others have 
already fixed the netwinder build)  I plan to checking in the fixes, and sync 
it up with the Makefile.arm file that Matt has just added tommorrow night.

This did raise one issue of should we be using #ifdef lowercase arch name or 
including opt_archname, and using uppercase arch name,
#ifdef cats
#include "opt_cats.h"
#ifdef CATS

I prefer the first as it avoids having to have lots of defopts (but then 
richard has suggested hiding them in one .h file.)  Any preferences, I say 
noting that I already tweaked locore.S to get cats building, but I'm happy to 
revert it back.

Anyway I'm currently building the GENERIC cats kernel as we speak in a clean 
dir.  (required the addition of a cats specific autoconf.c and conf.c).

I need to do some work to reenable the cats kernels to have in-kernel md 
images.  I've taken a temporary shortcut to avoid sorting out needing fdc.h 
with md_root of just disabling md on the GENERIC kernel.  I may just switch 
cats over to the generic sys/dev/md_root.c.  On cats we don't appear to 
actually have a working fdc driver (yet :) so there's no gain from managing 
to boot from floppy anyway.  In fact I'd expect us to be more likely to 
produce a bootable CDROM for a cats box.  Speaking to simtec they've said 
that we should be able use a cdrom to boot from, but I need to chase them for 
the technical details.  (although the cdrom I put in my system doesn't show 
up as bootable even with firmware 0.6, but then it's always seemed not quite 
ATAPI standard)