Subject: Re: Advice on adding support for a new Platform
To: Thomas J. Merritt <>
From: John Fremlin <>
List: port-arm
Date: 06/07/2001 18:20:11
"Thomas J. Merritt" <> writes:


> |It's basically a 710T with the fast context switch extension, so
> |John Fremlin's 7TDMI code should provide all the necessary CPU
> |support.
> The 720T extends the ARM7TDMI core with an MMU and a few other
> goodies.

I'm porting to a 710T, and the so called "7tdmi" code I wrote is for
the *710T* MMU. As long as the 720T is just a superset of that there
won't be any hassle until you want to use the extensions . . .


> I have gcc cross compilers for ARM built and running on FreeBSD.
> One set is based upon 2.8.1 with COFF and the other is GCC 2.95.2
> with ELF.  Will either of these be usable?  If not, what should I
> build?

Hehe. I'm illegally using an arm-elf cross-gcc and cross-binutils
under Linux to work on my kernel. To do this you need to rename main
to something else in ther kernel.

You will need some other stuff from the netbsd tree to build, notably
config, bmake, mkdep and lorder. (Maybe freebsd versions will work).

If you want to go ahead you'd probably be better off taking the very
much cleaned up early boot code from my port (to Psion PDA) than from
the other arm ports. The psionw port is not in CVS so mail me.