Subject: Re: The next show...
To: Chris Gilbert <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-arm
Date: 06/04/2001 10:20:45
On Sun, 3 Jun 2001, Chris Gilbert wrote:

> As I've finally got around to looking at the paperwork for the next show I
> thought I should assertain interest in helping.
	I should be able to make it. (offtopic: the PS2 now has a multitap
	& third controller :)

> The show is in Binfield (near Bracknell, Berks, (between junctions 8/9 and 10
> of the M4)) on the 20th and 21st October (yes it's 4.5 months away, but
> organisation helps in these things).  My plan is to sell 1.5.1 release CD's
> (I'm not facing another show doing BETA2 CD's, it's far to stressful!) with
> packages, and demo stuff.
	Not 1.6ALPHA? :) Seriously, it might be a good idea to have an
	extra CD of wherever current would be, for arm26 users and to give
	a taster for people. All in addition to 1.5.1 of course :)

	One other thought, does anyone have a dreamcast they could
	bring along - just to show off the whole 'run on anything'
	concept :)

		David/absolute		-- No hype required --