Subject: Re: cpufunc.h
To: John Fremlin <>
From: Ben Harris <>
List: port-arm
Date: 06/01/2001 15:26:19
On 1 Jun 2001, John Fremlin wrote:

> > On 1 Jun 2001, John Fremlin wrote:
> >
> > > O dear. I'd like to point out once again that the NetBSD kernel is not
> > > portable to gcc-2.95,
> (1) The prototypes for memset etc are wrong or at least conflict with
> the gcc builtins

I suspect this is a symptom of having SIZE_TYPE set wrongly in your GCC
configuration.  arm-*-netbsd* sets it to "unsigned int", whereas the
default is "long unsigned int".

> (2) It wouldn't link, complaining about the absence of __gcc_main.

Are you sure you don't mean "__gccmain"?  Several of the ARM targets
(though not arm-*-netbsd or arm-*-netbsdelf) define NAME__MAIN and
SYMBOL__MAIN to this, apparently because the ARM libraries already include
a function called __main.  Since we don't use ARM's libraries, this isn't
necessary on NetBSD.  Come to that, I'm not sure the __main hack is
necessary at all.

It looks like, in both cases, your problems come from GCC's not being
configured correctly, rather than from bugs in the kernel.

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