Subject: Re: A name for the NetBSD port to the Psion Series 5 mx
To: David Brownlee <>
From: John Fremlin <>
List: port-arm
Date: 05/01/2001 21:21:40
David Brownlee <> writes:


> > > 	By that logic your 5mx, revo, revoPlus group makes a lot of sense
> > > 	(do you have any reference for the 5mxPro?)
> >
> > Just a fellow who was interested in the port. He said he had a 5mxPro
> > and that it was similar to a 5mx (he said it was Windemere
> > architecture).
> >
> > Would the suggested new sys/arch/handarm/ directory be appropriate
> > then in this case?
> 	I'd prefer something that would indicate it would cover the 5mx
> 	etc rather than the 5 or even non psion like machines.
> 	If they really are all Windemere architecture then that is
> 	probably the best name, less intuitive though it may be.
> 	Another option might be arm7110.

Aaargh. You don't happen to be refering to the Cirrus Logic macrocell
of the Psion Series *5*?

The 5mx is an ARM 710 T. I don't know anything about the Revo or
5mxPro etc. The Series 7 is based on a SA core, but it has the same
serial port interface as the 5mx (which is accessed through direct
"memory" IO with IRQ notification AFAICS).

We might as well follow the linux crew and call it the psionw.