Subject: Re: A name for the NetBSD port to the Psion Series 5 mx
To: David Brownlee <>
From: John Fremlin <>
List: port-arm
Date: 05/01/2001 19:02:49
David Brownlee <> writes:


> > I don't know where the Psion7/netBook falls. I'm only going for a 5mx
> > port. (This port might also work on the 5mxPro and possibly the Revo,
> > I'm not sure. The Linux people have started calling their port psion
> > windemere which encompasses these three similar machines.)
> 	The hardware in an Acorn A410 and A5000 are pretty wildly
> 	different, but they share the same MMU design and (I believe)
> 	interrrupt handling, and some very similar support hardware so a
> 	common arm26 port makes sense.
> 	By that logic your 5mx, revo, revoPlus group makes a lot of sense
> 	(do you have any reference for the 5mxPro?)

Just a fellow who was interested in the port. He said he had a 5mxPro
and that it was similar to a 5mx (he said it was Windemere

Would the suggested new sys/arch/handarm/ directory be appropriate
then in this case?