Subject: Wakefield show
To: None <,>
From: Chris Gilbert <>
List: port-arm
Date: 04/20/2001 22:41:45

I know ages back I asked who might be able to help with wakefield and had a 
few replies, however as that was nearly 2 months back I thought I'd ask who 
is available or could help with the stand?

The dates are 19th and 20th May (only a month away now)

I'll be there both days, with my RiscPC (and my i386 box for burning CD's (or 
it might be a CATS by then :))  I'll probably drag along my sparc to fill up 
space as well.  (but that lot normally fills up my ickle boot :)

Those interesting in coming to see the show, it's 4ukp on the door, or 2.50 
in advance.

Things of interest:
RiscStation Portable will be there (first acorn portable since the A4 :)
microdigital will reveal the Omega at the show.
NetBSD arm32 CD's on sale (as normal)  hopefully with 1.5.1 on them, and lots 
of packages (my task for the weekend is to switch my riscpc back to 1.5 and 
start doing package builds :)
I'll also be doing a talk on netbsd (exactly what I'll work out next week on 
the flight to the states)
There's also a free minibus to and from the show to Westgate station