Subject: disksubr* and src/sbin/disklabel
To: None <>
From: IWAMOTO Toshihiro <>
List: port-arm
Date: 03/12/2001 16:32:40
As hpcarm is finally approaching to multiuser and it should use
sys/arch/hpc/hpc/disksubr.c, I'd like to move disksubr* references
in files.arm to files.arm26 and files.arm32.
(disksubr*.c will continue to stay under arch/arm/arm.)

Also, I'd like to change #ifdef __arm32__'s in
src/sbin/disklabel/disklabel.c to #ifdef FILECORE and define macros in
its Makefile based on ${MACHINE} value.

Are there any problems or better idea?

IWAMOTO Toshihiro