Subject: RE: Guess what! Deskstation Tyne! WooHoo!
To: 'M. Warner Losh' <>
From: Zach Lowry <>
List: port-arc
Date: 02/25/2002 20:34:22
Hash: SHA1

: 	I've got a Tyne board sitting around here that I really 
> want to get
> : working. Unfortunately, that's somewhat difficult since no
> : documentation exists, and I am completely unfamiliar with the
> : architecture of this system. However, I'm rather stupid, so I
> : continue to bang my head against the wall in trying. 
> : 
> : 	It seems that my Tyne may have a problem, perhaps in 
> something that
> : I'm doing. I've tried running several programs and 
> operating systems,
> : including, arcinst.exe, arcdiag, and the bsd.rd from OpenBSD 2.3.
> : Arcinst.exe just sits there with a blinking cursor, and arcinst
> and : bsd.rd give a "Invalid image location, cannot load image"
> error.   
> Hmmmm, 2.2 or 2.4 might work a little better for that machine.
> However, I don't have a Tyne, so I don't know for sure.  I do know
> tha tI ran up through 2.5 or 2.6 on my Deskstation rPC44.  I was
> even the OpenBSD/arc maintainer for a while, but I'm not anymore
> due to issues that I'd rather not discuss here.

The problem is that I'm not real sure where to find OpenBSD 2.2, and
as far as I knew, the port was discontinued after 2.3. 
Perhaps you can point me in the direction on where to find these
older versions?

> : 	If I could get this to work, I'd be more than willing 
> to try and fix
> : Deskstation support in NetBSD, and perhaps Linux-MIPS. As of
> right : now, though, I'm not getting very far. Anyone have any
> ideas on how : to interpret those messages?
> My Deskstation rPC44 almost work, but I'm having bootstrap problems
> getting it going.  I can't make a good cdrom, and making a disk is
> a big pita for my current setup.  Now that cross building appears
> to be almost working, I'll have to see if it works well enough to
> build
> something for testing.  And I'll have to see if I can get a good
> removable disk system...

Yeah, I've been copying files onto a 540mb Hard Drive, which is a big
pain. I'm about to get a 1542 Controller, and probably a BusLogic one
too, just to try them both out. I'm pretty positive that the Tyne
won't support a ATAPI CD, so I gotta find a CD drive too.

Zach Lowry

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