Subject: RE: ARC specification in PDF available
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From: Chris <>
List: port-arc
Date: 02/10/2002 18:34:08
Hello All,
 In answer to at least *1* of your questions... read farther down...

> I an 'arc' bootable - installable CDROM image "cd15.iso"
> for Netbsd 1.5 at .
> Installation is simple ... use run a program
> from arc firmare, the program name is cd:\install
> for installing the 'generic' console...
> I also did a 'pccons' kernel version (located in the same image)which is reported
> to support 'one' version of the magnum.
> I only tested the image with a NEC Risc 'ImageStation'
> ( pica ) ... PROBABLY will not work with any other
> arc model...
> I am no longer working on arc stuff.... I need the
> storage space back will be dropping image off next
> week... anyone want to step up archive it somewhere ?

I can make it available (I'm downloading it now). It'll be available to anyone
who might be interested at:
anonymous ftp always welcome. I've had a fast fulltime connection since 1995
and have *no* plans of changing it. I have a question tho. I notice that it
is larger than a standard CD. Is there anything anyone should know to re-create
this CD? Further, can you supply a little info that might help others attempting
to use this, make the best use of it? I'd like to supply a "README" in the same
directory. It needn't be too elaborate or anything. If you (anyone) should have
any questions about this (or other). Feel free to contact me at:
ftp AT
Replace "AT" with @, obviosly. :-)


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> * Erik E. Fair <> [020203 20:46]:
>> Now, if someone would just write some installation instructions for  this
>> port...
> That would be really great! I have a mips magnum 4000sc-50 (running in little
> endian/arc mode) which I was not able to set up yet (well,  mostly because I had
> no time to do so). I wrote to this list appr.  1 1/2 year ago and got quite a lot
> of help, but at this stage the  kernel did not recognise the scsi-controller
> which is a FAS216 chip.
> Anybody could give me some hints and maybe a kernel to boot from a  floppy since
> I have no cross compiling tools right now?
> Any help would be appreciated,
> thanks,mic
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