Subject: ARC system and SGI
To: None <>
From: Toru Nishimura <>
List: port-arc
Date: 04/18/2000 16:15:29
Hi, folks.

I'm about to complete boresome installation task of IRIX 6.5.7 which
wasted this entire afternoon due to very slow CD-ROM drive.  During
that painful job, I noticed IRIX installation tools have following
names inside;

> boot -f dksc(0,4,8)sashARCS
sash: dksc(0,4,7)stand/fx.ARCS

I have never run IRIX on a fresh HD, so I did not realize such names
existed in CD-ROMs.

After some of wonderful research, I got impression and groundless
guess as follows;

- Install CD-ROM seems to have provision of BE and LE simultaneously.
- Sash (standalone shell) may be able to run 'other endian' binary.
- Can any SGI computer run little endian mode after all, with a rabit
  magic of hidden switch???


- how differs the ROM monitor and/or sash of SGI's Insel-Intide NT box
  from MIPS?

Tohru Nishimura