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Re: How to install new software

On 7 September 2013 16:59, André Geisler <eliot%exception-dev.de@localhost> 
> Hello,
> how can i install new Software on NetBsd aimga port?
> Network is running, but did not find any useful software besides ftp to get 
> files from the internet.
> Are are not any tools like curl, wget or othes available.
> Is pgksrc the best way to install new software?

pkgsrc is generally the best option - there are a quite a few binary
packages for NetBSD-6 in

For example
Will download and install curl, plus any needed dependencies from the
same location

You might find pkgin useful - its a apt-get/yum like tool for NetBSD
(which automates the install of packages from the above).

Plus you can always build from src via pkgsrc :)

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