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Re: Configure XSurf 100


On 5 Sep 2013, at 7:14 PM, André Geisler <eliot%exception-dev.de@localhost> 

> I am currently using the patched 6.1.1 Kernel for Cybervision 64/3d.
> Now i got my brand new XSurf 100 network card.

Cool, but you need a current development version of NetBSD (HEAD also known as 
current), the driver was developed recently and was not pulled to NetBSD-6 
branch yet.

> But really do not now how to configure it correctly.
> ifconfig -a just lists the loopback device
> dmesg|grep ne0
> dmesg|grep Ether
> dmesg|grep adress
> does not list any network device.

Of course, because the card is not supported by 6.x. I'll request the back port 
to 6 branch, so it will be supported by NetBSD 6.2. But so far it isn't.

For now, please try the latest daily binary build:

> Does the kernel support this card?

Yes, in HEAD branch.

> How do I get the correct device name?

From dmesg output and/or man page.


Best regards,
Radoslaw Kujawa

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