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Installation probs 6.1.1 and 6.99 (maybe G-Rex related?)


Since I acquired a G-Rex for my A4000D and my A1200 is curently out of order, I 
thought I
install NetBSD on my BigBox (CSPPC 060 50MHz, 128MB Ram).
But release 6.1.1 fails during boot directly after loading the kernel.
Either it prints it could not load kernel symbols or (if started without -S) it 
bails directly into debugger 
with different errors (have to try it again for correct description, since I 
always use -Sn2).

Then I tried miniroot.fs from 

The 6.99 boots without problems, then detects G-Rex PCI busboard and prints:
ar0 at zbus0 pa 0xfffe0000 man/pro 8512/102 PCI bridge 4kb
ar1 at zbus0 pa 0xfffa0000 man/pro 8512/102 PCI I/O area 64kb
ar2 at zbus0 pa 0xfffc0000 man/pro 8512/102 PCI config area 128kb
ar3 at zbus0 pa 0x80000000 man/pro 8512/102 PCI memory BAR 262144kb
ar4 at zbus0 pa 0x90000000 man/pro 8512/102 PCI memory BAR 139264kb
ar5 at zbus0 pa 0xa0800000 man/pro 8512/102 PCI memory BAR 139264kb
ar6 at zbus0 pa 0xb1000000 man/pro 8512/102 PCI memory BAR 131200kb
ar7 at zbus0 pa 0xba000000 man/pro 8512/102 PCI memory BAR 32768kb

983040 kb PCI memory space (0x80000000 to 0xbc000000)
allocating too much Zorro I/O address space

And I am back in debugger.
At the moment I have a Voodoo 4, a (probably defect) Permedia2 Gfx Board and a 
RTL8029 nic installed in the G-Rex.
On Zorro side only a Deneb is installed.

My next step would be to remove the Permedia2 and if it still fails the Voodoo4 
as well.
Any further tips to get NetBSD running here?


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