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Preparing for NetBSD 7

Hi Radoslaw
The NetBSD 7.0 release will bring a lot new hardware drivers for amiga port.
If you own any hardware for which support was added since 6.0, or to which
drivers were significantly extended, please test the latest build of HEAD

Great to hear !

Just to remind, hardware that could use more testing:
- ELBOX FastATA 1200 Mk-III and newer (efa), especially with hard disks on
the second channel

Unknown no hardware!

- Hydra AmigaNet / ASDG LAN Rover (ed)

Works fine !

- Matay Prometheus PCI (mppb)

Can test this for you! As tested in the past:-)

- ELBOX Mediator 1200, Mediator 4000, Mediator ZIV (empb, em4k), ZIV was
never tested at all
- DCE G-REX (p5pb), esp. with 3Dfx Voodoo as console, WSCONS kernel 

Unknown - no hardware!

- Phase 5 BlizzardVision PPC / CyberVision PPC (p5pb/genfb), WSCONS kernel
only, no X11

Can test this!

- A2000-compatible RTC (a2kkbc) especially on A1200 turbos)

Not working in 6.1 on Amiga 2000! Will test!

- Thylacine USB (slhci), only keyboards and mice are guaranteed to work,
with WSCONS kernel

Unknown! Now hardware

- Individual Computers X-Surf (xsurf)

Can test this! Actually works fine (Network)

- Individual Computers X-Surf 100 (xsh), if you are one of the lucky beta
testers of this card

No hardware

- Zorro III RAM as swap (z3rambd)

Can test this!

Best regards,
Radoslaw Kujawa

Best regards

Harald Meinzer

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