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Kernel panic during installation 6.0


After seeing the growing list of supported deviced I wanted to give NetBSD a 
on my Amiga 3000UX. After starting from the SWAP partition to initiate the 
installation I get a kernel panic:

uvm_km_suballoc: unable to allocate space in parent map.

A traceback leads to the pmap_init.

I have read the earlier posts on this issue, but no clear answer was given for 
clean install.

The A3000UX is a bit modified:

2MB chip
1MB Fast (on board)
128MB Fast (ZorRAM)
Prometheus PCI card (read this is the culprit for the above panic?)
NE2000 card
Upgraded SCSI chip
Buster 7
modified OS 3.1 ROMs (does this matter?)

Any help appreciated.



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