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Re: Can't build 5.1.2 kernel


How have you been?

Unfortunately, a little too busy to do much work on NetBSD beyond testing right now...

Just one question...
A few weeks ago, you said something about a bug with 'ps' taking a long time has that been fixed too?

That was a one-off fluke a few months ago. I haven't seen anything similar since.

Also, if you'd like a kernel and userland compiled with your config file and with -m68060 to avoid trapped instructions, I'd be happy to compile the tree using one of my 8 core machines.

I would really appricate this. In fact, I was using the NetBSD 4 binaies that you compiled a few years ago, until I started trying to upgrade.

I don't have one for NetBSD 6, but I was finely able to get a 5.1.2 kernel to build. Should I send you that kernel config file?

Sure. In the meanwhile, netbsd-6 for Amiga compiled with -m68060 is available here:


Send that config file and I'll happily make a kernel for you, and you can let everyone know how well NetBSD 6 works for you.


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