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Re: pmap vs. large Zorro III space

On Wed, 27 Jul 2011, Radoslaw Kujawa wrote:

On Jul 25, 2011, at 7:15 PM, Michael L. Hitch wrote:

One other thing I was thinking is that the user page tables start at a fixed address of 0x10000000 (see M68K_PTBASE in amiga/include/pte_motorola.h). There may not be enough address space between the kernel and M68K_PTBASE to fit everything.

 You might try moving that to 0x20000000.

Looks like you are right :-). I still need to do some additional testing, but 
probably that's the case here.

I had thought I had remembered seeing something in amiga_init.c that was dynamically setting the user page table base, and I was correct. Some time ago, the amiga pmap was changed to use a computed base, but that capability disappeared when I switched to the common m68k pmap.


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