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Date: 02/06/2007 07:06:51
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Subject: Thank you for your email
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This is an automatic reply to let you
know that I received your email. 

Hi, Alex Berezovsky here.

I'm so glad you are interested in moving to Canada!

You have no idea how much I enjoy hearing from you. 

*** You may want to check out my FAQ first, just in case the answer to your question is already there. 

IMPORTANT: If you sent me an email because you cannot use Paypal in your country of residence, please note that you can also pay at:

To read the Frequently Asked Questions go to:

99% Of all answers to your questions can be found there. 

If your question is not answered there, rest-assured I will be back in touch to answer your question a.s.a.p 

However, I am SURE you will find the answer in that section. 

Also, if you are having problems because you DO NOT have access to a CREDIT CARD, please send us an email to:

Thanks again for contacting me.

Best Wishes,

Alex Berezovsky 
Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada