Subject: Re: someone to install netbsd for 68k amiga on a hardisk for me ?
To: Gilbert Fernandes <>
From: Radek Kujawa <>
List: port-amiga
Date: 09/02/2005 01:11:01
On Wed, 24 Aug 2005, Gilbert Fernandes wrote:

> hello all
> i have received a blizzard card (1230 IV) that is now installed on my
> amiga 1200.
Do you have FPU on your blizzard? I have 1230 MkIV too, and I was unable
to install NetBSD on Amiga without FPU since 1.6. Maybe this problem is
fixed now, but I don't know.

> i have no compatible monitor with the amiga, no scandoubler
> and the only one i found is almost sold 200 euro so too much for me.
I know one company from Poland that sells internal A1200 scandoublers for
50 euros (refurbished), however they're out of stock actually. You might
want to write them: info ( at )

> i have currently a hard-disk, 2.5 inches of 500 mb, installed on the
> 1200 with the amiga os over it.
> i got a network card pcmcia for the a1200 bought from amiga kit, it's a
> 3com megahertz lan (589e) so once the hard-disk is ready i should be
> able to use ethernet to control the amiga.
I own 3c589d and it does not work on NetBSD/amiga (2.0), I think there's a
problem in pcmcia driver or ep driver. Many NE2000-compatible cards
works (check ne driver), but some of them suffer from infamous A1200
PCMCIA hardware bug.

> i live in france so someone close to me would be the best. all i need is
> a netbsd 2 install on a 500 mb hard-disk :)
I suggest sticking with 1.6.2 unless you have very good reason to install
2.0... NetBSD 2 have ugly kernel leak on m68k, so your machine will crash
in few days (btw. maybe someone knows... is it fixed in -current?).