Subject: Re: Installation on Amiga A1200
To: Bock Manuel <>
From: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
List: port-amiga
Date: 05/03/2003 16:47:55
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Hi Manuel,

sorry for answering late - I didn't read your message earlier.

On Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 11:25:13AM +0100, Bock Manuel wrote:

> I have some trouble to install NetBSD 1.6 on my A1200 and I have no idea
> at all how to fix it (Newbie to NetBSD).
> My hardware:
> A1200, Turboboard Blizzard 1230-III, 32 MB, 2.5" Toshiba HDD MK2103MA 2GB.
> Prepared HDD as suggested in the NetBSD-Manual using HDToolBox and
> transfered MINIROOT.FS to a 100MB SWAP-Partition. Root is 200MB.

A1) Any other partitions for NetBSD?
A2) You're sure you used NBR\7 for the root partition and NBS\1 for the
    swap partition?

> NetBSD boots up fine,

B) Are you sure you transferred to the swap partition and booted later from
the swap partition/using the swap partition as your root during boot (wd0b)?

> but when newfs is called, the installation is halted
> and the following error occures:
> > Creating filesystems...
> >
> > /dev/rwd0a:   413280 sectors in 410 cylinders of 16 tracks, 63 sectors
> > uid 0 comm newfs on /: file system full

C) Hm...  if this error occured later, / would probably just be too small.

I can try to reproduce this on a SCSI MO drive using your partition layout,
but of course I need to know exactly what you're done - that is, whether
you told it to prepare other partitions too, etc.


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