Subject: more ISDN boards to test...
To: None <>
From: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
List: port-amiga
Date: 02/08/2001 21:08:50
		More ISDN in NetBSD/Amiga

The Zorro Bus attachment for the Siemens chipset (isic) has been
enhanced to support the BSC ISDN Master II (2092/65), which was
reported to us as being identical to the older BSC card.

With this, the list of Zorro ISDN cards supported by NetBSD/Amiga is:

- BSC ISDN Master		2092/64		(1,2)
- BSC ISDN Master II		2092/64
- Zeus ISDN Link		2189/3		(2)
- Individual ISDN Surfer	4626/5		(2)
- ITH ISDN Master II		5000/1		(1,2)
- VMC ISDN Blaster		5001/1		(1,2)

(1) also in NetBSD-1.5 + isdb4bsd
(2) also in older NetBSD-current 

This package currently connects to DSS1 ("Euro-ISDN") switches,
using a variety of PCI, PCMCIA, ISA, ISAPNP, and now Zorro bus ISDN

Tests for PCMCIA ISDN cards in A1200 machines are underway.

An example configuration file is provided as


This file includes the GENERIC configuration and adds the ISDN
subsystem and the Amiga driver. You can use your own configuration
files similarly, or just add lower part of ISDN to your kernel
configuration file.

The ISDN subsystem will be present in NetBSD-1.6, and you are
encouraged to test it with NetBSD-current on your experimental
machines. More configuration hints are available in the man pages
for isdnd and isdnd.rc in the system, and at

Production machines should continue to run NetBSD-1.5 with the
00.96.00_BETA distribution available at,
with the limitation that only the cards marked as (1) above are