Subject: Re: grey screen with PicassoIV
To: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Fran=E7ois-Xavier?= D'Hollander <>
From: Markus A. Regli <>
List: port-amiga
Date: 10/21/1999 12:00:51
Hello Fran=E7ois-Xavier

On 19-Oct-99, you wrote:

> =

> I try to install netbsd 1.4.1
> =

> I can't start netbsd with the Generic kernel 1.4.1. I have a grey scree=
> just after taping "loadbsd -b netbsd".
> =

> Netbsd starts correctly only if I remove my PicassoIV.
> =

Maybe it's the same thing I had a few weeks ago. The kernel gives the wro=
ng frequency, so the PIV can't show the screen. =

I tested a few frequencies and found one, which functions good. =

So you first need the BinPatch Tool (on the Gateway-CD or FTP) for the Am=
And in the AmigaOS you start the following:

binpatch -s _clconsole_mode -o 82 -r 27000000 netbsd

at the position netbsd you have to give your whole path for the netbsd-fi=
le i.e. work:bsd/netbsd or something like that.


P.S. The Mailprograms (so YAM does it) shows the clconsolemode underlined=
, so you have to display it in Raw or PainText-format. It's a simple unde=
rscore (you say so on english for that??) before the word clconsolemode.