Subject: Re: Q: MSDOS hard disk partitions and floppies
To: None <>
List: port-amiga
Date: 01/08/1999 14:33:29
Andres Suarez Gonzalez wrote:
> Hi there!
>         I have NetBSD 1.3.2 GENERIC up and running on my Amiga
> 1200-68040/40, installed on an IDE drive. I would like to share data
> with the AmigaOS side through an MSDOS partition (I suppose is the
> only filesystem that NetBSD can write and AmigaOS can read, isn't
> it?).
AmigaOS can also read and write NetBSD Partitions
This is the handler BFFS1.3.lha on aminet
>         1. My first problem is that after defining a 140MB MSDOS
> partition on the AmigaOS side without any trouble (it is seen by both
> PC-Task and AmigaOS), NetBSD still doesn't recognize it. At boot time
> I get the following message twice:
> "warning unknown dostype: 0x4d534800 marking unused"
> and so I am not able to use mount_msdos. Any advice?
I think that NetBSD is looking for a PC Partitionned Hard Disk...
>         2. I have tried to share data through floppy disks with Mtools
> (Gateway CD package distribution), but with any of its commands (when
> a MSDOS 720KB disk is already inserted) I get the following message
> (BTW, the same message appears several times at boot time):
> "fd0: corrupted track (0) data"
> If I am not able to use Mtools on floppy disks, I suppose it won't work
> with hard disk partitions either (I haven't tried it).
I don't think Mtools can work, I wouldn't try it...
> Any help will be appreciated :-)
> Best regards,
>                 Andres Suarez
> PS: I don't know if these questions have been answered in any of the
> available Amiga FAQs, because I have only been able to download a
> quite old NetBSD-FAQ.lha from Aminet; doesn't
> like my e-mail address, and my news server doesn't seem to have a
> netbsd discussion group :-(