Subject: Re: Installations etc.
To: None <>
From: Bernd Ernesti <>
List: port-amiga
Date: 10/17/1997 13:02:18
On Thu Oct 16 15:57:13 1997, Sebastian Krawczuk wrote:
> Dnia 16-Paś-97, Arto Huusko napisaī:
> >Err.. I have to get something since I have promised to write support
> >for CV64/3D. So should I wait anyway, or what?
> For my knowledge, there's 3D driver but it don't work properly.

It works now, I found the bus errorm, so I only have to find out why I have
a problem with the some offsets on the left side of the screen.

I commit the driver today or tomorrow. Oh, it only works at the moment
in ZorroIII mode, so I need some testers who can use it with ZorroII
and who can test the switcher.