Subject: Picasso2 with 1M doesn't get recognised properly
To: None <port-amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Phil Kernick <>
List: port-amiga
Date: 09/03/1996 18:41:50
I believe that I've found the problem with the Picasso2 and the Xcl server.
In fact the problem isn't the server at all, it's the NetBSD 1.1 kernel.

When my machine boots, it claims:

grfcl: 2MB Picasso II being used

The problem is that I only have a 1MB board.

Looking in /sys/arch/amiga/dev/grf_cl.c, it says:

               if (zap->prodid == fbprod) {
                        cl_fbaddr = zap->va;
                        cl_fbsize = zap->size;

Which seems to be returning 2MB for the memory, even when there is only 1MB
on board.

The sprite is busted, because it's using memory that isn't there.

The villintsup.library has a GetMemSize call to determine the amount of
memory on the board, as opposed to the amount of AutoConf space that it
uses.  Something like this needs to be written for NetBSD.  Another option
would be to put something in the config file for building the kernel.


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