Subject: Uh-0....
To: None <port-amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: T H Pineapple <>
List: port-amiga
Date: 04/26/1996 13:24:00

2 questions this time:

[1] is it possible to use disks with netbsd-1.0 filesystems safely on
a machine with a 1.1 kernel for read/write activity?

[we may have to swap machines out due to the second problem, and
it'll be a good chance to take the 1.0 box to 1.1 at last whilst
still keeping the project drives serveavble]

[2] our main server drive [4 gig] for the lan is reporting more and
more bad blocks - it used to be just one block constantly being
reported on a single filesystem until i mapped it out with hdtoolbox
from the Amiga side, backed up the partition, rebuild the filesystem
and restored], but over the last 2 nights another 10 have come along.
and they're on the photogenics 2 filesystem, which is
mission-critical to say the least.

the drive's on an a3k with netbsd 1.0, btw, all disks are SCSI
running on the in-built controller.  it looks like either cabling
problems [the big disk is external with a DAT on 50-way, the cd-build
drive and root/user/swap are internal on ribbon] or the drive itself
is on the way out [it's cased, within warranty and has been reliable
for a couple of years]- neither is good news, but workable after the

last time i backed up, mapped and rebuilt the entire fs - is is safe
simply to delete the affected file, map the contained block out, fsck
to sanity-check and then just keep using the filesystem?  [this could
save a lot of time in the long run]

any pointers *really* appreciated on this one.  deadline time
approaches, and we can't afford to lose any data and have drives
explode at the 11th hour...


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