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UEFI bootx64.efi doesn't work from harddrive on IdeaPad S210 - NetBSD 8.1

Hi everybody
I try to install NetBSD on Lenovo IdeaPad S210 with UEFI enabled.I have used UEFI USB image and it  boots correctly, recognize the GPT partitioning and install NetBSD on selected partition.
Because there is Windows installed I did some steps on existing EFS partiton:
- in EFI partition I created dedicated subdirectory named NetBSD
- copy there bootx64.efi from USB stick 
- made label for partition with NetBSD using gpt tool (label is NetBSD)
- created simple boot.cfg :
  menu=Boot normally: boot NAME=NetBSD:netbsd

After this I used debian linux to add entry in NVRAM:
  efibootmgr -d /dev/sda -p 2 -l \\EFI\\NetBSD\\bootx64.efi 
After reboot when I select NetBSD EFI entry from hardisk system shows black screen and not blinking cursor in upper left corner - nothing more. No menu, no prompt, no any other message.

The GRUB from from EFI harddisk works, the bootx64.efi from EFI install USB works, windows bbot works.
Currently I boot NetBSD from GRUB.
How I can diagnose this - any boot options, any debugging. Or maybe some suggestions how to fix it.
Kind regards

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