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Re: Running NetBSD at vultr.com

2017-11-07 14:37 időpontban David Brownlee ezt írta:
On 7 November 2017 at 08:14, Fekete Zoltán <fekete.zoltan%minux.hu@localhost> wrote:

It's not strictly on topic, just as an additional info.

I've tried vultr.com for NetBSD, and has been using for a year. It's nearly
perfectly compatible, so I could recommend.

Could I ask what you did to install - NetBSD isn't listed on the default list :)



Follow these steps:

- login into your account;
- click on "Servers" at the right vertical menu;
- click ISO on the middle horizontal menu;
- choose add ISO (choose an URL) to upload;

Then you can use this custom image as installation media.

Good Luck!


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